Vocational School of Justice

Amfide ders dinleyen öğrencilerThe Istanbul Kültür University Vocational School of Justice was founded within Istanbul Kültür University in 2011 and came into operation in the 2012-2013 Academic Year.

The aim of the Vocational School of Justice is to provide students with the highest level of education according to the necessities of the time. In order to reach this aim, the School has adopted a modern education program that embraces fundamental human rights, secularism, individual rights and freedoms, parliamentary democracy, freedom of thought and expression, social rights and principles of the state of law and is in line with Atatürk’s goal of reaching contemporary western civilization..

The IKU Vocational School of Justice students are primarily educated by the experienced faculty members of the IKU Faculty of Law, which has Turkey's largest teaching staff. The School is located at the same facility as the Faculty of Law, therefore students have access to all the opportunities and resources that the Faculty of Law offers, including national and international symposiums and conferences.In order to gain the basic knowledge and skills they are required to obtain, students of the Vocational School of Justice receive training from expert faculty members as well as from valuable judges and prosecutors. On the other hand, they have the opportunity to take applied courses from experienced notary public and police officers. Compulsory courses and elective courses are both designed to enable students to reach the ideal level in their profession.

Various units within the judicial organization are visited so that students can see the judiciary organization on site and make professional observations and certificate programs in which expert and experienced faculty members, judges and prosecutors give education are held. In addition, students have the opportunity to do internships in judicial organizations as well as in the private sector and law offices.

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