Istanbul Kultur University Vocational School of Justice Mission, Vision and Values

The vision of Istanbul Kültür University, “By adhering to the national, universal values and rules of higher education, by integrating our horizontal and vertical environment and improving our relations on the basis of benefit, to provide reliable, effective and useful applications to our students, business life and the whole environment and to produce the necessary information for this purpose. Vocational School of Justice provides students with the highest level of education in accordance with the needs of the age, IKU Faculty of Law, as well as experienced lecturers, lawyers, expert lecturers, judges, prosecutors, notary public and police officers by taking practical lessons learned, equipped to reach the most ideal level embark.  
Adhering to the vision of our university, “To carry our university's original and qualified practices and social integration to the level of contemporary civilization. It has adopted the basic principles such as human rights, secularism, personal rights and freedoms, parliamentary democracy, freedom of thought and expression, social rights, and it aims to educate individuals in line with the principles and ideas of the state of law with the integrity of society, respectful, fair, qualified, expert in the field. 


  • Adhering to Atatürk's principles,
  • To be human oriented,,
  • To have environmental sensitivity
  • Adherence to universal knowledge, scientific thinking, ethics, common wisdom and participatory management principles, 
  • To be innovative, creative, sharing, reliable, transparent and accountable,
  • To internalize national, spiritual and social values.
  • Research, development, technology and information production.

Working Area    : Providing the highest level of education and preparing students for business life.
Goal: To ensure that our students are equipped and reach the ideal level in their profession.


  1. To follow the developments and changes in the world and in our country and to ensure that a specialist person gives a conference every month in order to have information,
  2. To send students to the World Keyboard Championship in order to increase the efficiency and interest of the Keyboard Usage course, which is one of the application courses, and to hold a certificate ceremony in order to honor the students who are ranked. 
  3. To make the students aware of their future fields of study by organizing visits to the court, notary, forensic medicine, Police Department and prison institutions for courses such as Notary Law Knowledge, Criminology and Criminalistics, Police and Private Security Law Knowledge, Prison Administration and Execution Information.

List of Intended Activities:

  1. Organize Career Planning Days
  2. To provide the discovery of the fields that can be studied after graduation
  3. Conference, Panel, etc.

Program:To plan activity before the beginning of each academic term and to prepare an evaluation report after each academic term. Declare the level of realization and usefulness of targeted programs. To declare the measures to be taken and the new program.

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